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I have been perfecting my artistic talents since childhood, which has enabled me to work across the Inland Empire and Orange County. The designs of my varied projects have been displayed in dental and medical offices, schools, and many private homes, including children’s bedrooms. I was recently commissioned to complete a large mural for Harvest Christian School at Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside. Additionally, I completed work for Dr. Mungo D.D.S. of Huntington Beach as well as an upscale home featured in the Inland Empire Magazine. My most rewarding accomplishments have been donating my time and talents to Healthy Smiles and CHOC located in Orange County. Both organizations provide much needed services to underprivileged children. My most fulfilling work has been giving back to the community. I take pride in giving good customer service and quality work for affordable prices.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

CHOC Healthy Smiles Mobile Dentistry Unit

Here are a few photo's of a mobile unit that I was commissioned to paint. This mobile unit travels to area's where some families can't afford to receive dental care for their Children, can you imagine! this must be such a huge blessing to those families. We decided to come up with a theme that would flow with the outside of the unit which was already painted. I started with blank white and cold walls, amazing what paint and a little creativity can do. I hope the Children enjoy it and know they are loved. Healthy Smiles motto "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS".

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aprilrudge said...

Thank you for sharing your talents! We've never met, Rhonda, but I have admired your wonderful work at Healthy Smiles' Smile Clinic and it is so exciting to see the SmileMobile be transformed on the inside by your amazing talents!

I volunteer with Healthy Smiles but only dream of having such a gift as you have to give - THANK YOU!